Children's Westerns

The Stage Robbery

The Stage Robbery


By Anna Elizabeth Judd

Many of us cannot recall the old western shows on radio and television, where thrilling endings were prompted by “Tune in again next week to see…!” The Stage Robbery, by Anna Elizabeth Judd, brings us back to these great old days, where hero and villain alike take us through suspenseful moments of, “Will the Posse find the Marshal?” or “Will the Outlaw Gang get away with another crime?” 



The Old West, a notorious outlaw gang and a well scripted crime all come together in The Stage Robbery, which represents one work in a series of “soon to come” thrillers.  The “Good Guys”, tracking a kidnapped Marshal and his deputies, are one step closer to solving the crime and rescuing the Marshal…or are they?  Again, we see lawman pitched against the bad guy.  Again, we are welcomed to join in on the adventures of Haystack!  But, we’ll have to tune in next time to find out as Judd takes us through the first chapter of this classic western tale.  

In the meantime, for those that appreciate the classic days of westerns and tales of the Old West…or for those who want to go back in time to the good old days for the first time…read The Stage Robbery and be prepared for anything!  Tune in next time until the next review…until then!  

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  • Akash

    Just like those classic old western stories which has all the spices to make a story great. If you like this genre this book is a must read.

  • Paula Lopez

    Became a fan of Anna elizabeth Judd after this book. I truly recommend this book, the impressive storyline will get you hooked in no time.

  • Peter

    Author has done a fantastic job in creating this masterpiece. All the characters were deeply explored. Easily the best classic western story i read in a long time.

  • Sofia

    The plot was full of surprises, its like a treat for all western story lovers like me. Glad i finally got hands on my copy, been waiting for it from a long time.

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