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Anna provides it all as if you are in the saddle along for the journey. Her rare books bring the readers joy from nearly every genre they can appreciate. She exuberantly brings the image and sentiments of the west to full life throughout the storyline.

The Handbook of Horsemanship

anna elizabeth judd

“In any question of wisdom or prudence which the king put to them, he found them ten times better than all the magicians and enchanters in his kingdom.”

 Daniel 1; 20:

Horsemen are exposed to the inclement weather; hot summer heat, stinging sweat in the eyes, and spring mud up to the knees winter. Not to mention, breaking the ice on the water pails, snow falling, and ice storms. But these inconveniences pale compared to the spiritual enlightenment received spending every day with a horse.   

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The Boy Who Couldn’t Talk, the story of Haystack and his endeavors, is an incredible western tale.  One part storytelling, one part adventure. It is an excellent book for audiences of all ages and experiences.  From those familiar with western life, to new cowpokes, an imaginative tale brilliantly unfolds right before your very eyes. 

Mary D. Moreno

Office manager

Many of us cannot recall the old western shows on radio and television, where thrilling endings were prompted by “Tune in again next week to see…!”.  The Stage Robbery, by Anna Elizabeth Judd, brings us back to these great old days, where hero and villain alike take us through suspenseful moments of, “Will the Posse find the Marshal?” or “Will the Outlaw Gang get away with another crime?” 

Christina Miller


The Broncobuster, by Anna Elizabeth Judd,  are images of cattle trails and round pens all come to life courtesy of Judd’s incredible first written venture. You don’t need to be a horseman to like Anna to get the full picture of how life in the Old Frontier use to be…she affords that through her incredible story-telling!

Doug Quinones

USLA Student

Learn Your ABC’S with Haystack represents a keen way to teach the alphabet to developing children.  Through word associations, rhyming schemes and pictorial representations, Learn Your ABC’S with Haystack promotes effective teaching technologies to advance the knowledge levels of students from pre-school through elementary school. 

Lowell Lambert

Local Radio Host

Adult Westerns by Anna

Anna Elizabeth Judd exuberantly brings the images and sentiments of the west to full life. Yet, at the core of Judd’s work is the In the meantime, for those that appreciate the classic days of westerns and tales of the Old West…or for those who want to go back in time to the good old days for the first time…read

marshal spur and the oulaw

The Stage Robbery

Children's Book by Anna

From an Instructional Design standpoint Learn Your ABC’S with Haystack superbly promotes learning technology strategies adaptable to many of Gardner’s Learning Styles, which places Learn Your ABC’S with Haystack on a pedestal.  When considering platforms by which to advance basic learning and communication skills, teachers now have an exceptional new tool to aid them in their endeavors. 

More Amazing Book Stories

Anna Elizabeth Judd includes a vast trove of Western Novels depicting the “Cowboy Way,” Horse Whispers, Gunslingers, and the Wild West, but very few scratches the surface relative to the vibrant depictions through which Anna takes this storyline.

A Distant Calling

anna elizabeth judd

In a Distant calling, the young Daniel Weber lives near The Kennedy Space Center in Florida, along with sister Jill and her parents. His father, Alex Weber, is a high-ranking scientist and designer at NASA within the satellite division. He designed and built a satellite for deep space exploration called Sweeper, launched in 2008. The mission was designed to explore the Alpha Centauri galaxy. Top priority; to ascertain if life exists.


Skimmer's Adventure

anna elizabeth judd

Skimmer’s Adventures is a story about two unique friends, Skimmer and Ronco, who set out on a life-changing journey. When Skimmer discovers a wondrous miracle of nature after a rain, he and Roncho seek answers from Ms. Lilly, who urges them to discover their destiny.

Their tale to find where Rainbows are formed leads them across strange lands into adventures, they never dreamed possible. Skimmer’s Adventures is a thrilling story created to enhance a child’s imagination by keeping them entertained for hours. A must-read! See more books written by Anna Elizabeth Judd on


Self-Realization Guide Books

What do you have to lose, after all, your past is just a snapshot of the former days–the latter is yet to come? The future is a blank canvas, so go ahead and create the life you desire.

Imagination is a powerful tool, existing at everyone’s fingertips. It is better to aim high and miss than aim low and hit. If you don’t aim at anything, you won’t hit anything. My question here is: What are you going to do with the rest of your life?


Anna Elizabeth Judd

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Writers Publishing House/Ghost Writer Media is a solid publishing firm with more than a decade of assisting clients with their publishing needs. Founder and Owner Lizzy McNett understands the importance of exemplary customer service; it is the basis for any successful business. She believes, “Everyone should profit from their passion.”

Lizzy writes books, which makes perfect sense considering her website. She is best known for ghostwriting biographies/business books of various genres, along with her novels based on the initial part of her working career, horse training.

When not absorbed in writing for clients, Lizzy can be found hiking, biking, or any outside activity. Although she does not train horses anymore, their spirits will always be part of her soul. She had a BA in fine arts, with a minor in Equine Science, and studied at Scottsdale Art Institute under Robert ‘Shoofly’ Shufelt.

If you’re ready to tell “Your Story”, please visit her website at, where you can contact Lizzy about starting your book project today.  “What’s Your Story?”

Business Marketing Guides

ICOMM Alternative Media Business/Marketing Guide

lizzy mcnett

ICOMM was designed for business owners who believe their free speech was compromised by big tech, fake news outlets, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, etc. If your online presence is silenced, without explanation, then ICOMM offers some great outlets to brand your business without censorship.

IAuthor Social Media Marketing Guide

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The basics behind ‘IAuthor’ is all about matching the customer’s needs to the right product or services. Proper marketing eliminates the struggle to find your potential customer. When a business owner creates content designed to address the consumer’s needs it will attract qualified prospects, along with the ability to build trust-based on compatible interests.