Adult Westerns

The Broncobusters

The Broncobusters


By Anna Elizabeth Judd

In the west, cacti grow abundantly while trees remain scarce. The hills become mountains when you are chasing a cow across the Sonora southwest. As the ground clears from the lack of rainfall in the summers, small thickets of shrubbery get so dense it’s hard to see where they start and stop. These are the areas where the hardiest of wild cows survive and are the most difficult to catch. Mathew takes over his father’s ranch when he is tragically killed. He began his taming horse career at a young age. While Mathew’s Grandfather loved the wild cow hunt, his father was more inclined to taming horses. So, he followed his dream and taught his young son the craft.


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  • Akash

    Horses+classic Western story…count me in. There was a natural feel in readnig this book. The story is well written and you wil eventually relate to the main character.

  • Peter Morales

    Such a well written story, can easily take you in the past. The details were so acurate. If you feel like reading a western story i recommend this as a good introduction.

  • Paula Lopez

    Gotta admit that Anna Elizabeth Judd is a pro in these Western culture stories. You can never expect less from her in this genre. The details were so realistic, the main character’s journey was well developed, everything was top notch.

  • Sofia

    A true classical in my opinion. Such a complex storyline, on-point dialogues, great atmosphere building, Anna Elizabeth did a fine job in presenting the story beautifully.

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