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The Stage Robbery – Marshal Spur and the Outlaw Book

Anna Elizbeth Judd


Anna provides it all as if you are in the saddle along for the journey. Her rare books bring the readers joy from nearly every genre they can appreciate.

Many of us cannot recall the old western shows on radio and television, where thrilling endings were prompted by “Tune in again next week to see…!”. 

The Stage Robbery brings us back to these great old days, where hero and villain alike take us through suspenseful moments of, “Will the Posse find the Marshal?” or “Will the Outriders Gang get away with another crime?” 

In the meantime, for those that appreciate the classic days of westerns and tales of the Old West…or for those who want to go back in time to the good old days for the first time…read The Stage Robbery and be prepared for anything!  Tune in next time until the next review…until then!  


  • Paula Lopez

    A truly thrilling read!! The Stage Robbery is perfection from start to the end. Anybody wanting to read unique and thrilling stories should try out this one for sure.

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