ICOMM Alternative Media Business/Marketing Guide

Lizzy McNett

What is Marketing?

A marketing strategy grows out of a company’s value proposition, by which the client’s campaigns shine above the competition.

The best marketing campaigns are those that revolve around product solicitation. 

A good marketing campaign is based on educating the potential customer. People do not want to be sold. The best option is to communicate through your knowledge and expertise in the field you practice. 

In the ‘ICOMM’ Marketing Resource Guide, readers will find a step-by-step process to develop exceptional marketing campaigns, ones that can compete with large companies that have fully staffed departments to spearhead all product marketing.

What Does Marketing Mean?

The term marketing entails many activities; however, all are associated with selling your company’s products and services. The most obvious area of marketing is advertising, but consumer research should not be ignored. Marketing is all about matching the customer’s needs to the right product or services. Proper marketing eliminates the struggle to find your potential customer. When a business owner creates content designed to address the consumer’s needs, it will attract qualified prospects. It also generates the ability to build trust-based on compatible interests.

ICOMM was designed for business owners who believe their free speech was comprised by big tech, fake news outlets, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, etc. If your online presence is silenced, without explanation, then ICOMM offers some great outlets to brand your business without censorship.  Included in this business/marketing guide:

  • SEO Optimization
  • Reputation Management
  • Running Ads
  • Graphic Design
  • Grants & Business loans
  • Setting up a business


Writer’s Publishing House has developed an exceptional business marketing process. Successful marketing strategies emerge from matching the customer’s needs to the right product or services.