Anna Elizbeth Juddd

I Turned to Say,

I Turn to Say,

“Please Don’t Leave”


I Bend to My Knees and Pray


You Turn to Say,

“I’ll Be Alright, I Cannot Stay”


I Turn to Beg,

“It’s Not Safe,”


You Turn to Say,

“It’s Morning Light, I’ll Be Alright”


I Turn to Say,

“I Fear You Will Not Return this Time,”


You Turn to Say,

“I’ll Be Alright,”


I Bend to My Knees and Watch You Leave,


You Turn to Say, One Final Time,

                                                  “I’ll be Alright”

The Broken Angel depicts the horrific outcomes of abuse. Anyone who has suffered from abuse, physically or mentally…. understands the damaging effects it has on our mental state of mind. At times, the consequences can appear debilitating. But with some guidance, anyone can overcome to find restoration.

By using the 12 mind powers, our purpose of restoration is simply living free from the ramifications of domestic abuse. If you are willing to make an effort, then these are the basic phases you must take to find freedom.

The concept of living free from abuse is not something anyone should ever consider. Abuse is unacceptable for any reason. Each one of us has something special to offer the world, and through this transformation, you have the ability and knowledge to pursue those interests with complete freedom. It’s only with an attitude of confidence that we can achieve complete restoration. 

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