Your Unemployment Story Begins

You Dictate How It Ends

“If I’m going to work to give 110% to my company, ‘(Your Name) Incorporated’ every day, the company I’m connected with (my job) can’t help but make money.”

When you invest in a career, the result is leverage to reach your business destiny.  An expanding mindset exists in Americans that being laid off is a personal decision, but in fact, it’s only business. The company is in business to make money, period. If demand for their product drops, employee cuts are the next step. Instead of panicking, use the time wisely to choose an alternate path. I am going to provide you with the direction and tools needed to get your career situation on track.

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The First Day of Your New Beginning

You got the call, or they just walked in and gave the announcement: you have been laid off. Whether it’s a downsize, company merge, or restructure does not matter, today was your last day. As your heart stands still, the lump in your throat begins to swell, and you hold back the tears to escape the terrifying situation, visions of the future flash before your eyes.  The hopeless emotions that go along with fear riddle your mind. A numb feeling takes hold while you clear out your desk and prepare to leave the office for the last time. As you struggle to keep control of your composure, someone makes mention of the situation, distracting you and causing the flood of pent-up stress to overflow in sight of everyone in the room.

You are not alone. Thousands of Americans across the country live in constant fear of losing their job every day.   Companies even give the news on holidays or an employee’s day off.  Either way, unemployment is not a joke to anyone. 

The answers you seek are in the pages of this book. Get Hired was designed to give you a step-by-step guide that mentors you through each layer involved in gaining employment in today’s job market.  The most critical phase is just ahead. You must rebuild your employment potential through this transition.

Unemployment is an equal opportunity experience; unemployment bypasses no one. You must not give up or quit. The key is to stay and fight; it’s never too late.

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