The Hourglass of el Diablo

Moments in Time

In the Old West, during a time when the terrain was hostile, lived a man named Jed. His father alone raised him ’till he was a young teen. Jed escapes the brutal acts of an abusive parent and befriends the devil himself. From there his escapades carry them across the countryside, wreaking havoc on every unsuspecting victim that crosses their paths. Then one day, the evil tactics of his friend, Diablo, cause his blurred vision to clear, leaving a scared man alone in the desert wondering where to find answers to the questions he seeks to learn.

The morning after Mom died went like any other with my father. He just got up, went to the stove, poured what little coffee was left in the pot, sat down at the table, and stared at the wall while he sipped from the cup. Not a word was uttered from his mouth for more than three days. So naturally, I did my best to stay out of his way.

          After dinner the next evening my father slipped on his coat and walked out the door, leaving me alone. I waited up ‘till early morning, but my eyes grew heavy. I wondered if he’d ever return.  The innocence of youth spared me the knowledge of his escapades for a short time.

          I laid in my bed waiting to hear the rooster’s crow, but then I heard sounds that brought me to my feet, noises that could only come from a woman’s voice. I ran into the kitchen, just knowing it was Mom. She had come back! But my enthusiastic pace halted at the sight of an unfamiliar scene.

          A woman was standing in the kitchen, I had never seen before, cooking at the stove that was my Mother’s. In a rage, I hollered, “Who are you? And what are you doing at Mom’s stove?”  

My outburst was promptly met by the backside of my father’s hand. He demanded I show respect to my new mother. “New mother?” I said. “She is not my mother and never will be.”

“Boy!” he demanded. “You will show manners, or else.”

Obliging his request, I calmly proceeded to the door and made my way to the barn— the one place I found peace. Hourglass became a great sounding board; he listened and did not hit or judge me.

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